Pickabag Official is super psyched and proud to introduce our funky, fresh and unique brand of arm candy to you.

Whether you are spunky and sassy, or bright and fresh, or you prefer elegant and understated, Pickabag is here to make sure the bag you carry is perfect for your needs and style. From a dazzling array of on-trend designs, colours and styles, you will walk away with a bag that is uniquely you and guaranteed to add that little je ne sais quoi to any outfit you choose.

Using only high-quality materials that sustain the daily wear and tear (Busy fashion forward Moms, we’ve got you covered!) and with customizable details from bag pins, funky straps, and transparent front options, you will be absolutely spoilt for choices. With a few tweaks our bags take you from busy workdays to chic night outs – saving you time – and precious closet space.

Inspired by three busy Moms who believe that fashion and style never need to take a backseat even with a toddler on one hand and a baby on your hip, we are an approachable, fresh team and brand that is ever ready to take on this fast-paced, ever changing world, one bag at a time!

Also, we are the first local brand that have a range of collection dedicated to all things little people, the first ever twinning bag in the industry, with a dazzling array of on-trend design.

We’ve worked with fashion influencers for adults and toddlers such as like Willabelle, Melissa Koh, Hayley; TOP patenting influencer 2015, Shaine; inspirational Mama trendsetters like Cindy and Sally Quah. We have recently been featured on 8day Online E-Magazine as well as taken part in the local luxury children’s bazaars; Supermom Baby Fair.